Holidays And Drunk Driving

Drunk driving continues to occur, despite a decline especially in fatalities since the 1980s. But despite police crackdowns, increased awareness, and social stigma, some people choose to drive drunk. If you’re another motorist, you can only do so much, in terms of defensive driving, and other wise habits. You’ve become the victim of a drunk driver. You might be wondering how to put things together again after this accident. Someone else made the choice, now you are paying the price. Aside from the pain, and perhaps an inability to work, there’s an immense frustration. Does anyone understand what you’re feeling?

Ed Kroll & Justin Johnson have been helping people in personal injury cases just like yours for a long time. They know how you feel, and more importantly, they know how to make it right. Don’t leave your future and that of your family in the hands of another less-qualified Portland personal injury attorney. You don’t need the injustice of the accident to be compounded by the injustice of a bad result. Insurance companies and the one at fault want things to be as quick and painless as possible. Let’s just say you deserve better. Get yourself an advocate who won’t stop fighting until you get what you deserve.

No one wants the wonderful holiday season interrupted by an auto accident, much less by a drunk driver. The past can’t be undone, but you can find the best personal injury attorney possible. They’re affordable, tenacious, and compassionate. Of all the things you could worry about, your case will not be one of them. A free consultation with Kroll & Johnson may be what you need to get a jump on better things for the new year. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind. At least you’ll know that whatever happens, you’re not alone.

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