Federal Jury Awards Portland Man Shot By Police

A federal jury has awarded 7 million dollars to a Portland man shot by police in 2012. Adalberto Flores-Haro was shot by police after hearing the officers in his yard. The two Washington County officers failed to identify themselves, the jury found. He was armed, but the weapon was not loaded. Fores-Haro mistook them for intruders. The officers were in the area to execute a search warrant at a house down the street.

Flores-Haro’s 5 children were also in the house. The two officers claimed Flores-Haro fired at them. They also claimed that Flores-Haro could have been an associate of the suspect they were there to apprehend. The police said he should have remained in his house, and certainly not approached the officers with a gun. The jury gave no credence to the claim that Flores-Haro fired, because no shell casings from that .44 were found. The family also sued because the police dragged Flores-Haro out by the arm which had been shot. They also separated the children from his wife, Alma Granados-Millan, and questioned her that night, as though her husband were engaged in criminal activity.

Part of the damages awarded are likely to be reduced, because the jury found Flores-Haro partially at fault. Flores-Haro lives with constant pain, and is no longer able to work. He’s lost range of motion in his arms, as well as dealing with less energy caused by the pain. The case may not be a typical personal injury case, but it’s significant. If you or a loved one need a personal injury attorney, consider Kroll & Johnson. You may not be facing the police in your case, but there are powerful people who don’t want to give you what you deserve. Get an experienced and gutsy Portland personal injury lawyer. You never know what life may throw at you, and you need a partner you can trust.


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