Two Pedestrians Struck In Car Crash

A man and a woman were injured as pedestrians when a car struck them, The Oregonian reports. The crash happened on Southeast Powell Boulevard Sunday morning at 2 AM. The man’s injuries were not described as life-threatening, but the woman’s injuries are life-threatening. A Chevrolet HHR struck them as they walked.

As you may know, Oregon is a modified comparative fault state, which means that juries assign fault to all parties in an accident as a percentage. You can collect damages as long as your fault does not exceed 51 percent. It is unclear whether these victims will be assigned any fault.

Accidents involving pedestrians are surely not as numerous as those involving two cars, but the injury and life disruption can be devastating indeed. Pain and suffering, as well as lost work time, can put a huge strain on the best-laid plans. You need a Portland personal injury attorney with experience in accidents involving pedestrians. The opposing lawyers will do everything they can to put the blame on you. Given the hardship of the whole thing, you need to know that your case at least is in good hands. The accident can’t be undone, and you can’t control what others will do or say. But you can put a proven winner on your team. Kroll & Johnson will fight for you, and what you deserve.

Don’t wait, or begin to think that it isn’t a big deal. Someone has been negligent, and you are facing the consequences. Perhaps you can’t work, and you can’t pay your bills. How are you going to move forward? Get the best advocate you can. We can’t control everything in life, but we can find partners in the courtroom who know how to get success for you. No one should go bankrupt because of what someone else did. Call Kroll & Johnson today for a free consultation about your personal injury case.

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