Serious Dog Bite

A dog bite can be quite harmful. Rabies is a risk, as well as physical damage to muscles and tissue. It’s vital to take a dog bite with the utmost seriousness in light of these concerns. As this piece from several years ago points out, many pet owners are unaware of their liability in a dog bite case. States like Oregon have their procedures, both civil and criminal, but municipalities may also have ordinances that apply in such cases. Many homeowners’ insurance policies have coverage for dog bites, though some limit the coverage to particular breeds.

Any breed of dog can bite, and any particular dog, no matter how well-mannered, can be moved to bite. It’s a myth that particular breeds are prone to biting and aggression, although bigger, stronger dogs, by virtue of the damage they can do, will attract more attention. A dog who has bitten someone is subject to a rabies quarantine. It is imperative that the victim of a dog bite be checked for rabies immediately. Symptoms can be mistaken for something else, and can come on slowly. As you may know from some high-profile cases in the last couple of years, rabies is highly treatable, but deadly once it passes a certain stage. Once the immediate medical concerns are addressed, a victim has to deal with whatever damage has resulted. Skin abrasions or wounds, nerve damage, pain, and psychological distress are a sample of the troubles that a dog bite can cause.

Knowing some warning signs of a dog about to bite can minimize your risk. A dog licking its lips or nose may be about to strike. Also, a sudden change in the dog’s movement pattern–whether moving or standing still–could be a sign. Finally, furrowed brows and cowering could be signs of an imminent attack. If you’ve been the victim of a dog attack, you need an experienced Portland personal injury attorney who knows his way around this unique type of case. Call the personal injury attorneys at Kroll & Johnson right away.

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