Catastrophic Injuries Increase In Warmer Weather

Catastrophic injuries are life-altering. With the onset of spring, many more opportunities for these type of injuries will present themselves. Did you know that one of the most common causes of catastrophic spinal cord injuries is diving into shallow water?

By definition, a catastrophic injury involves trauma to the head, or to the spine, or a compound fracture to bones. This class of injuries–both medically and legally–is so serious that it causes a permanent change in a person’s way of living. If someone has very little hope of a full recovery, then it is probably a catastrophic injury. It can become a personal injury case if this injury was due to negligence of some kind. Obviously automobile accidents figure prominently in these calculations, in accidents involving other vehicles, or pedestrians. This is not the only way to have a catastrophic injury diagnosis, but it is common enough.

Contact sports also can be the cause of catastrophic injuries. Football is receiving a lot of attention and scrutiny in regard to player safety and equipment. If it becomes clear that various sports sanctioning bodies like the NFL were aware of deleterious effects of concussions and sub-concussive impacts and did not inform players or potential players, then it could become very damaging in terms of liability.

Ed Kroll and Justin Johnson are passionate about helping people who have suffered catastrophic injuries due to someone else’s negligence, precisely because of their lasting impact on people’s quality of life. These Portland personal injury attorneys witness the impact of others’ negligence in the lives of the clients they serve almost daily, and they will do what they can to be agents of compassion and justice, if you have been injured in this way. They know that they cannot erase what happened, but they can try to obtain tangible results that will make things bearable going forward.

The impact of medical bills and the need for durable medical equipment is enormous in these situations. You need a settlement that begins to make a life workable in this new situation. There is no cause to feel shame, or to feel like a burden, especially if what happened is the fault of someone else. Seek out a personal injury attorney who will empower you in the courtroom, and in the rest of your life. The consultation is free.

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