Pedestrian Accident Victim?

Pedestrian accidents like this one can be quite damaging for the victim. The weight and velocity usually means serious injuries. Given this, and accident that does not result in a fatality is a quite fortunate outcome indeed.

This particular victim was elderly, so a lengthy hospital stay is a possibility. With age, the human body does not recover from injury quite as quickly. If the woman still works, this could disrupt her income. The medical bills will certainly become prohibitive, especially if she does not work and is on a fixed income. One wonders if there was reckless driving in this particular incident, or some other discernible failure to drive defensively and responsibly.Even in a state like Oregon, where the jury assigns fault as a percentage to all the parties involved, it may be possible to recover damages. One has two years to make a personal injury claim. It actually becomes harder to make a claim stick the longer you wait. It’s not good to leave anything important to time and chance. Ed Kroll is ready and eager to help.

If you have been a pedestrian struck by a vehicle, you cannot depend on the other parties involved to give you back what the injuries have taken away. Life for others moves on, and your injuries are your reminder of what has taken place. Who is going to help you if you don’t have the means to simply move on? You need someone who can help you get what you deserve. If you have said to yourself, “I’m not trying to ruin anyone; I just need to get back to normal,” then you’re looking for a Portland personal injury attorney who has been making people whole for a long time. Compassion, real advocacy, and peace of mind. That’s what you get with Kroll and Johnson. Call today to get started with a free consultation.

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