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Injured In An Auto Accident?

Nearly forty fatal auto accidents took place in the Portland area in 2017. Reasons are various, from reckless driving, negligent driving, driving under the influence, and other causes. We never know when we could be the victim of an auto accident. Fortunately, most are not fatal. Still, there are costs: physical, financial, and emotional. Knowing […]

The Duty of Care, Modified Comparative Fault, and Auto Accidents

“Duty of care” refers to the responsibility of the parties in an auto accident have to observe all applicable laws. Drivers must obey the speed limit, road signs and signals, and stop at all crosswalks, for example. Pedestrians must use crosswalks, obey walk/don’t walk signals, and take care not to dash recklessly into traffic. In […]

I’ve Been Injured, Now What?

I’ve Been Injured, Now What? No one wants to envision a scenario where you have been injured due to the actions of another person, but knowing the steps to a personal injury case and being prepared for the process can give you peace of mind if the unimaginable would to happen.  If you have been […]

Report: Crash Rates Increase With Legalized Marijuana

A report released from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found the rate of crashes increased with legalized marijuana in Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Previous evidence from simulators and on-road studies have shown marijuana can degrade some aspects of driving abilities, but there has not been a definitive connection. Colorado and Washington were the first […]

Understanding Oregon’s New Distracted Driving Law

Legislation passed in May takes effect this month, imposing stiff fines for anyone caught even holding their cell phones or other electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle. The new distracted driving laws were modified to close some loopholes from earlier legislation. House Bill 2597 makes it so Oregon drivers may face fines of up […]