When you are riding a bike or walking on foot, you are forced to place your trust in the ability and attentiveness of drivers. Bike and pedestrian accidents are all too common on the streets of Portland because there are so many bikers, walkers, and cars sharing the road. When limited visibility and congested streets are added to the mix, accidents and collisions simply happen with more frequency here than in other cities. While bikers, pedestrians, and drivers should be able to share the road by abiding by simple rules, drivers often are careless and injuries to others are the result.

What separates these kinds of accidents from car-on-car crashes is the vulnerability of the biker or pedestrian. All too often this leads to a catastrophic injury. If you have been injured by a motor vehicle while biking or walking, the attorneys at Kroll & Johnson, P.C. are standing by to aid you in navigating the complicated legal system that surrounds bike injuries. We are here to protect your legal rights. Remember, we offer a free consultation and we do not get paid unless we win.

What You Need to Know About Bike Injuries

First, if you have auto insurance, or if your household has auto insurance, then that insurance policy’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits apply.  PIP will cover reasonable and necessary medical treatment for the injuries that resulted from the collision for up to a year from the date of the incident. It will also pay a portion of your lost wages if you are unable to work as a result of the injury.

What If I Do Not Have Auto Insurance?

If you do not have auto insurance but you do have personal health insurance, then your health insurance will cover the cost of treatment for the injuries you sustained. If you do not have personal health insurance, then assuming the driver who hit you is at fault, their insurance will pay for the medical bills that result from the collision.

The Steps Bicyclists Can Take to Avoid Being Blamed for an Accident

It important to understand that bicyclists are probably the most scrutinized users of the public roadways in Portland. In many areas of the city, there is palpable tension between cyclers and motorists. This means that bicyclists have to be vigilant in obeying all applicable rules of the road.

Always obey signs and traffic signals. At stop signs it is tempting to come to a “rolling stop” and then proceed through the intersection if you do not see any other vehicles that have the right away. If you are injured as a result of being struck by a vehicle in an intersection and you did not come to a full stop before entering the intersection, be prepared to have the police officer who investigates the accident conclude that both parties were at fault for the collision.

Another common sense tip is to never ride against traffic. Be prepared to be blamed by the insurance company or a police officer for the collision even if you are inside the “fog line.” Also, remember to use hand signals when turning. The law requires it.

Are bicycle cases difficult to win?

Yes and no. While bicycle cases are more complicated than the average auto collision, many of the same legal principles and rules apply. What is different about bicycle collisions is the case valuation. Insurance companies place a markedly different (usually lower) value on bicycle accident claims. This is why it is important to retain an experienced personal injury attorney. If you already have an offer for your injuries from the other driver’s insurance company, give us a call. Within a few minutes of talking with you we should be able to tell you whether it is a reasonable offer. The insurance companies often try to settle quickly and cheaply, so if there is any doubt at all in your mind, have an attorney from Kroll & Johnson, P.C. take a look at your case.

Pedestrian Accidents

Auto accidents involving pedestrian can lead to some of the most disastrous injuries that occur on the road. Victims that survive being struck by a car or a truck are often left with lifelong pain and impairment that affects every facet of their lives. The human body is simply not able to withstand the extreme forces of a collision with a vehicle. This commonly results in injuries such as broken and fractured bones, extreme soft tissue wounds, and head trauma.

If a pedestrian is lucky enough to survive being struck by a car or truck, then they will likely face a long and arduous road to recovery. This is why it is imperative to seek out an experienced personal injury attorney to assist you in protecting your legal rights. Remember, the personal injury attorneys at Kroll & Johnson, P.C. offer free consultations to any pedestrian injured by a negligent driver.

Investigating a Pedestrian Injury Case

There are a number of factors that go into most pedestrian injuries that should be ascertained as soon as possible. This is why an experienced personal injury attorney can be a valuable asset in pedestrian accidents.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often blame pedestrians for the accident, resulting in liability disputes that go on for years. This is why if there is even a chance that the pedestrian will be blamed for the collision, it is important to investigate the accident as quickly as possible. 911 calls that result from the accident can be requested to identify witnesses. The police can be contacted and involved in the investigation to obtain any video evidence that may be available. The scene of the accident can be extensively documented by an investigator and an accident reconstructionist as soon after the accident as possible. An experienced personal injury attorney can take all these steps and more to preserve you legal rights if you have been injured by the negligent conduct of a driver.
At Kroll & Johnson, P.C., we focus on helping vulnerable accident victims in their time of need.  We will assist with navigating the maze of medical bills, insurance claims, and doctor’s visits that accompany these devastating accidents.  It may be tempting to settle with the insurance company right away, but keep in mind that the insurance companies always low-ball you and try to settle as cheaply as possible.  At Kroll & Johnson, P.C., we will fight to get you the compensation and justice you deserve.

The initial consultation is always free, and there is no cost to you – we don’t get paid unless we win your case for you.