Pedestrian Accident Victim?

Pedestrian accidents like this one can be quite damaging for the victim. The weight and velocity usually means serious injuries. Given this, and accident that does not result in a fatality is a quite fortunate outcome indeed.

This particular victim was elderly, so a lengthy hospital stay is a possibility. With age, the human body does not recover from injury quite as quickly. If the woman still works, this could disrupt her income. The medical bills will certainly become prohibitive, especially if she does not work and is on a fixed income. One wonders if there was reckless driving in this particular incident, or some other discernible failure to drive defensively and responsibly.Even in a state like Oregon, where the jury assigns fault as a percentage to all the parties involved, it may be possible to recover damages. One has two years to make a personal injury claim. It actually becomes harder to make a claim stick the longer you wait. It’s not good to leave anything important to time and chance. Ed Kroll is ready and eager to help.

If you have been a pedestrian struck by a vehicle, you cannot depend on the other parties involved to give you back what the injuries have taken away. Life for others moves on, and your injuries are your reminder of what has taken place. Who is going to help you if you don’t have the means to simply move on? You need someone who can help you get what you deserve. If you have said to yourself, “I’m not trying to ruin anyone; I just need to get back to normal,” then you’re looking for a Portland personal injury attorney who has been making people whole for a long time. Compassion, real advocacy, and peace of mind. That’s what you get with Kroll and Johnson. Call today to get started with a free consultation.

Motorist High On Meth Harms Bulls

A motorist high on methamphetamine harmed some prized bulls, The Oregonian reports. The bulls had to be put down. 28-year-old Corey Elmore was arrested for this and other crimes, including eluding police. He received 18 months of probation, and had his license suspended. Elmore must also pay $23,000 in restitution for the loss of the bulls. Obviously, everyone in the community is fortunate that no people were harmed in the incident. Drug use and abuse greatly harms our families and communities. The special tragedy of drug addiction may be why the legal system stands to impose such a light sentence in this case.

Some people might question the lightness of the sentence, given the commission of three felonies, but for our purposes the interesting question is whether Elmore will be vulnerable to a civil suit and whether the owners of the dead bulls will choose to pursue it. The affected owners may conclude that they are unlikely to receive any additional restitution from Mr. Elmore, given his history. Perhaps they want to avoid the hassle of additional litigation. In any case, their reasons would be understandable. However, perhaps in your particular case you do not have the luxury of simply moving on. You cannot move on until something of what was taken from you is restored. If so, you have come to the right place.

If you or your livelihood have been threatened by someone else’s recklessness, you may want to seek legal representation to try to make it right. This case is rather unique, but perhaps yours is fairly conventional. Ed Kroll and Justin Johnson handle a wide range of cases in this area of law. They can help you. Even if your case seems strange, and you may think it’s not worth the effort, contact these experienced Portland personal injury lawyers as soon as possible.

Driver Arrested After Leaving Fatal Crash

A driver was arrested for leaving the scene of a fatal car crash, the Oregonian reports. Uriy Dudko, 20, killed Mitchell Vandoren, 25, when his SUV stalled and he stopped right in front Vandoren on a motorcycle. Vandoren died at the scene. Dudko was arrested after he fled the scene of the accident. He returned later to see the aftermath. When he did so, a Happy Valley police sergeant arrested him. He’s been specifically charged with failure to perform the duties of a driver to injured persons.

The charges could become more extensive if the investigation proves that there was intent behind the driver’s actions. More likely is some kind of civil action, perhaps for wrongful death, if this intent can be proved.

In any case, Dudko failed in his duty to the other driver, was arrested, and remains in jail.

Had he left and stayed away, he may not have been arrested. Perhaps Dudko’s curiosity got the best of him. Apparently he was visiting from Missouri.

It is imperative that drivers involved in accidents follow any instructions from the police or emergency medical personnel as precisely as possible. No one wants to be involved in an accident like this, but leaving the scene only complicates a very difficult situation. It is unclear what Dudko hoped to gain by leaving, and now at the very least, he must contend with the legal ramifications of failing to assist the other driver. As a party to an accident, the most important aspect is making sure you are alright. Secondly, after all this is done, you need to seek out legal representation, in case something from the accident needs to be litigated. Don’t be left flat-footed as the other party moves to secure its interests.

If you or someone you know has been injured because of someone else’s recklessness, don’t just try to pick up the pieces. Compensation for your injuries may be possible. An experienced Portland personal injury attorney can discuss your case with you and get you headed in the right direction. Ed Kroll and company have been assisting people like you for years. The consultation is free. Call now to set up an appointment.

Cayla Wilson, Crash Victim In 2010, Dies

Cayla Wilson, a young woman injured by an impaired driver, has died, the Oregonian reports. She had been struck on the way to a job as a 19-year-old expectant mother. It came to light that the perpetrator was high on methamphetamine, and driving with a suspended license. The man’s erratic, remorseless behavior was likely a factor in him receiving an 11 year sentence for the incident.

Cayla’s parents, Bill and Denise Wilson, faced numerous challenges as they attempted to care for their daughter, who had been in a persistent vegetative state and required around-the-clock care. They elected to sue the city of Portland and Clackamas County for failing to stop the perpetrator from driving with a suspended license. In that effort, they won a $9.3 million settlement.

Bill and Denise are now raising Cayla’s daughter, JaiKyla, now 7, who developed cerebral palsy as a result of being delivered by emergency C-section. With Cayla’s death, the case has now changed from a personal injury case to a wrongful death case. The Wilsons support the district attorney’s effort to charge the perpetrator with manslaughter. There is a hope that he will spend the rest of his life in prison as a result of these events.

As in a case like this, negligence can be criminal and completely life-altering. There is almost no way to quantify the emotional suffering the Wilsons have endured, to say nothing of the very concrete costs of caring for Cayla. You or someone you know may not be facing circumstances as challenging as these, but if you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, you need a personal injury attorney with the skills to help make you whole again. Kroll and Johnson have the skills and the passion to get it done. Don’t struggle on alone. Call today for a free consultation.

Police Sergeant Wins Honor Fighting Discrimination

Oregon Police sergeant Liani Reyna fought discrimination throughout the department and in her career, and has been so honored, the Oregonian reports. Reyna won the “WE Persist” award from the city. “WE” stands for women’s empowerment.

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries also stated that Reyna faced a hostile work environment when she reported harassment in the form of hazing that could constitute discrimination in 1999. She had been the only female member of the Special Emergency Reaction Team when she joined. Eventually 20 former or current members of the team faced discipline in 2002 for incidents related to the hazing, some of which was related to sexuality and gender.

Reyna said that she was fortunate to find fellow officers who were supportive of her career, and of her decision to be a whistleblower in regard to these incidents. She does believe that she faced retaliation based on her decision to speak up and a possible loss of advancement as a result. Every employee potentially faces a choice to speak up about similar instances, whether for themselves, or fellow colleagues.

If you or someone you know is a witness or a recipient of employment discrimination, the first choice you must make is when and how to speak about what you know. Any retaliation that you face could be addressed in a civil lawsuit. You’ll likely find–as others have–that you must speak up about such abuses because it is the right thing to do. The second choice is to find a legal advocate who understands the stakes and knows the sacrifices that you have made in coming forward. Moreover, such a person needs to be able to win in a civil case. You need a Portland employment discrimination attorney with the experience to get the job done. Ed Kroll and Justin Johnson are those attorneys.

If you have seen or experienced this kind of discrimination, it’s not a fight you would have wanted, but Kroll and Johnson can help make sure it’s a fight you’ll win. Contact them today for a free consultation.

Catastrophic Injuries Increase In Warmer Weather

Catastrophic injuries are life-altering. With the onset of spring, many more opportunities for these type of injuries will present themselves. Did you know that one of the most common causes of catastrophic spinal cord injuries is diving into shallow water?

By definition, a catastrophic injury involves trauma to the head, or to the spine, or a compound fracture to bones. This class of injuries–both medically and legally–is so serious that it causes a permanent change in a person’s way of living. If someone has very little hope of a full recovery, then it is probably a catastrophic injury. It can become a personal injury case if this injury was due to negligence of some kind. Obviously automobile accidents figure prominently in these calculations, in accidents involving other vehicles, or pedestrians. This is not the only way to have a catastrophic injury diagnosis, but it is common enough.

Contact sports also can be the cause of catastrophic injuries. Football is receiving a lot of attention and scrutiny in regard to player safety and equipment. If it becomes clear that various sports sanctioning bodies like the NFL were aware of deleterious effects of concussions and sub-concussive impacts and did not inform players or potential players, then it could become very damaging in terms of liability.

Ed Kroll and Justin Johnson are passionate about helping people who have suffered catastrophic injuries due to someone else’s negligence, precisely because of their lasting impact on people’s quality of life. These Portland personal injury attorneys witness the impact of others’ negligence in the lives of the clients they serve almost daily, and they will do what they can to be agents of compassion and justice, if you have been injured in this way. They know that they cannot erase what happened, but they can try to obtain tangible results that will make things bearable going forward.

The impact of medical bills and the need for durable medical equipment is enormous in these situations. You need a settlement that begins to make a life workable in this new situation. There is no cause to feel shame, or to feel like a burden, especially if what happened is the fault of someone else. Seek out a personal injury attorney who will empower you in the courtroom, and in the rest of your life. The consultation is free.

Serious Dog Bite

A dog bite can be quite harmful. Rabies is a risk, as well as physical damage to muscles and tissue. It’s vital to take a dog bite with the utmost seriousness in light of these concerns. As this piece from several years ago points out, many pet owners are unaware of their liability in a dog bite case. States like Oregon have their procedures, both civil and criminal, but municipalities may also have ordinances that apply in such cases. Many homeowners’ insurance policies have coverage for dog bites, though some limit the coverage to particular breeds.

Any breed of dog can bite, and any particular dog, no matter how well-mannered, can be moved to bite. It’s a myth that particular breeds are prone to biting and aggression, although bigger, stronger dogs, by virtue of the damage they can do, will attract more attention. A dog who has bitten someone is subject to a rabies quarantine. It is imperative that the victim of a dog bite be checked for rabies immediately. Symptoms can be mistaken for something else, and can come on slowly. As you may know from some high-profile cases in the last couple of years, rabies is highly treatable, but deadly once it passes a certain stage. Once the immediate medical concerns are addressed, a victim has to deal with whatever damage has resulted. Skin abrasions or wounds, nerve damage, pain, and psychological distress are a sample of the troubles that a dog bite can cause.

Knowing some warning signs of a dog about to bite can minimize your risk. A dog licking its lips or nose may be about to strike. Also, a sudden change in the dog’s movement pattern–whether moving or standing still–could be a sign. Finally, furrowed brows and cowering could be signs of an imminent attack. If you’ve been the victim of a dog attack, you need an experienced Portland personal injury attorney who knows his way around this unique type of case. Call the personal injury attorneys at Kroll & Johnson right away.

Two Pedestrians Struck In Car Crash

A man and a woman were injured as pedestrians when a car struck them, The Oregonian reports. The crash happened on Southeast Powell Boulevard Sunday morning at 2 AM. The man’s injuries were not described as life-threatening, but the woman’s injuries are life-threatening. A Chevrolet HHR struck them as they walked.

As you may know, Oregon is a modified comparative fault state, which means that juries assign fault to all parties in an accident as a percentage. You can collect damages as long as your fault does not exceed 51 percent. It is unclear whether these victims will be assigned any fault.

Accidents involving pedestrians are surely not as numerous as those involving two cars, but the injury and life disruption can be devastating indeed. Pain and suffering, as well as lost work time, can put a huge strain on the best-laid plans. You need a Portland personal injury attorney with experience in accidents involving pedestrians. The opposing lawyers will do everything they can to put the blame on you. Given the hardship of the whole thing, you need to know that your case at least is in good hands. The accident can’t be undone, and you can’t control what others will do or say. But you can put a proven winner on your team. Kroll & Johnson will fight for you, and what you deserve.

Don’t wait, or begin to think that it isn’t a big deal. Someone has been negligent, and you are facing the consequences. Perhaps you can’t work, and you can’t pay your bills. How are you going to move forward? Get the best advocate you can. We can’t control everything in life, but we can find partners in the courtroom who know how to get success for you. No one should go bankrupt because of what someone else did. Call Kroll & Johnson today for a free consultation about your personal injury case.

Winter’s Last Blast Creates Traffic Accidents

The first stirrings of the change of seasons can create wild weather. Many drivers simply drive the same way in inclement weather as they do in perfect conditions. Difficult conditions create congestion, and closer proximity presents opportunities for traffic accidents. It’s important to obey all traffic rules, reduce speed, and drive defensively. Even with all that, it’s still possible to be the victim of an accident.

It could even be a hit-and-run. Many people assume that nothing can be recovered in such a situation, but this is incorrect. It’s important to report the accident to law enforcement, and to your insurance company. Do not try to confront the perpetrator of a hit-and-run. It could be dangerous. Whether it’s a criminal offense, or simply an ordinary case of negligent driving, you need a personal injury attorney you can trust.

One of the aspects of a personal injury case that involves a traffic accident is called, “diminished value.” The re-sale value of a car involved in an auto accident declines. Obviously, buyers will not pay market value for such a car. “Diminished value” is the difference between this market value, and the present value after an accident. When choosing a personal injury attorney, it’s important to have an advocate who understands this, and can get you fair compensation. There could be little worse than being stuck without a vehicle, because you did not receive the true value of something. On top of pain and suffering, this would be extremely frustrating.

One of the practical steps you can take is to be calm, as much as possible. When something like this happens, we have a tendency to try to get everything back at once. Being made whole is a multi-stage process, and you can only do one thing at a time. The most important step is finding trustworthy advocates in court. Kroll & Johnson know what to do. Having them on your side is one less thing to worry about. Contact them today for a free consultation.

Pollution in St. Helens

A Utah company that makes commercial explosives plead guilty in US District Court to releasing six tons of anhydrous ammonia into the air, The Oregonian reports. The plea was entered Friday. The strongly-scented gas is toxic, and can lead to death at high levels of exposure. Irritation of mucous membranes, coughing, and breathing problems are also common. Dyno Nobel, Inc. had failed to immediately report the discharge to the National Response Center, who has oversight under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, or “CERCLA.” Company officers waited nearly a week before reporting the leak which began on July 30, 2015. The fine will be $250,000 and also include 2 years’ probation. The potential penalty is $500,000 and 5 years of probation. Presumably the Environmental Protection Agency could shut the business down in the event of any further serious incidents. The failure to immediately report the incident was particularly grave in the minds of prosecutors.

Residents of St. Helens did complain about the smell, and some began to experience the symptoms of ammonia exposure. The company has been working with the government to improve its safety procedures, and to make use of new technologies to improve air quality, but this event harms that effort. It’s unclear why the reporting delay even took place, but that is the substance of the charges.

Beyond the criminal case, civil liability could significantly impact Dyno Nobel. If the discomforts become a series of personal injury cases, it could be very damaging for the company. Personal injury law helps provide an economic incentive to be mindful of regulations, customer and employee safety, and the common good. If you have a personal injury claim in the Portland area, contact Ed Kroll and Justin Johnson as soon as possible. It’s more difficult to obtain justice, the longer you wait. They are Portland personal injury lawyers with years of experience, and success.