buildingClackamas County is the third most populous county in Oregon. The geographic area that encompasses Clackamas County lies almost due south from Portland. The three arterial highways that pass through Clackamas County are HW 217, I-5 and HW 205. The largest city in Clackamas County is Lake Oswego, but this is not where the Clackamas County Circuit Courthouse is located. Instead, it can be found in Oregon City where it is centrally located on Main Street in-between 8th and 9th Street. The main floor entrance faces Main Street. Clients of Kroll & Johnson generally meet the attorneys just past the metal detector on the main floor by the benches.

If you will be at the Clackamas County Courthouse for an extended period of time it is probably best to park for free at the top of the hill in the residential area and take the Oregon City Municipal Elevator down to the downtown area.  The elevator can ben found at the south end of 7th Street if you are heading up, and at the north tip of 6th Street if you are heading down. This will save you a parking ticket. The parking enforcement officers in Oregon City are extremely aggressive and they will ticket if you are late or if you do not move the requisite two blocks before feeding the meter again.

Injuries from motor vehicle collisions are the most common type of personal injury claim encountered by the attorneys at Kroll & Johnson in Clackamas County. There are thousands of twisty narrow roads, many of which will make even the most experienced driver nervous. When you add the 350,000 residents of Clackamas County to this equation, and numerous elevation changes in the geography, it becomes apparent why there are so many motor vehicle collisions.

Mt. Hood is located in Clackamas County. This famed mountain and its accompanying recreation opportunities draw outdoors enthusiasts from around the nation to Oregon. The attorneys at Kroll & Johnson are avid outdoor enthusiasts, and many winter weekends they can be found carving powder on the slopes of Mt. Hood. Many injuries do occur on the slopes, whether on a snowboard or skis, but many also occur on the premises of the hotels where the tired and weary seek lodging for the night after a long day spent in a winter wonderland. The owners of the lodges and hotels have an obligation to make their premises safe from dangers that may cause harm. If they do not, and someone is hurt, they are responsible for the harm that is caused.  Justin Johnson and Edward Kroll are here to talk with you about your potential premises liability claim in Clackamas County, Oregon.

Litigating personal injury cases in Clackamas County presents many obstacles that must be overcome in order to achieve a reasonable verdict. The county has lower jury verdicts for bodily injury cases than neighboring Multnomah County. Many say this is due to the county’s more conservative populace. Clackamas County Circuit Court has its own unique local rules that must be followed. For example, Clackamas County Circuit Court is one of the increasingly few counties that require mandatory settlement conferences for civil trials in addition to the more commonly experienced court annex arbitration. The trial attorneys at Kroll & Johnson are ready and willing to discuss your potential personal injury claim in Clackamas County, Oregon.