In Oregon, unless there is a valid employment contract stating otherwise, employees are considered to be employed “at will.”  This basically means that either side – the employer or the employee – may terminate the employment at any time for any reason.  The employee can almost always leave at any time, without consequence.  The employer is also free to terminate the arrangement for any reason, so long as that reason is not illegal.

The employment lawyers at Kroll & Johnson, P.C. serve clients throughout Oregon who have been wrongfully terminated or who have suffered retaliatory discharge.  If you think your rights have been violated by your employer, you should seek a consultation with an experienced attorney.  The initial meeting is completely free and 100% confidential.  If you decide to proceed with a lawsuit, there is no risk to you – we don’t get paid unless you win your case.

Wrongful Termination in Oregon

While either side can generally terminate an employment arrangement in Oregon, neither side is allowed to breach a contract in doing so.  Employers cannot violate state or federal laws, nor can they force employees to do so.  Employers also cannot terminate employees who refuse to undertake actions against “sound morality and public policy.”  For example, an employee cannot be fired for refusing to help her supervisor cover up financial fraud, or otherwise refusing to break the law.

Oregon Whistle-Blower Protection

In addition, an employee generally cannot be terminated for reporting wrongdoing to the proper authorities, or for reporting sexual harassment or other discrimination.  Oregon and federal laws protect whistle-blowing employees from retaliation.  However, in general, the employee must have followed company policies and procedures in documenting and reporting the wrongdoing.  If you have indeed reported wrongdoing, law-breaking, or sexual harassment and are terminated, you may have a wrongful termination or retaliatory discharge case.

The experienced trial lawyers at Kroll & Johnson, P.C., will investigate your claims fully.  We can employ private investigators to interview witnesses, issue subpoenas to preserve evidence, and fight to protect your rights on every front.

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