What types of cases do the personal injury attorneys at Kroll & Johnson handle?

Our personal injury attorneys have handled hundreds of cases, and have experience in:

Fewer clients to maximize the potential of each case

If you have been injured through no fault of your own, it is crucial to find the right attorney to handle your case. The most important trait personal injury attorneys can have is compassion for their clients. The personal injury attorneys at Kroll & Johnson, P.C. empathize with their clients’ experience and they understand the difficult circumstances their clients face. We carefully limit the number of cases and clients we accept, in order to make sure we know each and every person, family, and story. This ensures we recover the maximum amount for each client. The attorneys at Kroll & Johnson, P.C. focus on building personal relationships with their clients while at the same time investing the necessary time in each and every case to ensure that the maximum recovery is achieved for their clients.

A catastrophic injury changes everything

The personal injury attorneys at Kroll & Johnson, P.C. understand that catastrophic or serious injuries can immediately and drastically affect your quality of life. The last thing you need to be concerned with is investigating the facts surrounding your claim and dealing with insurance companies that only want to minimize their liability at your expense. Many people do not realize that in order to receive the medical treatment needed to recover from injuries suffered in an accident, they will have to interact with their own insurance company. What many people find even more surprising is that their own insurance company always has a financial motivation to pay as little possible for their insured’s medical treatment.

While this is happening, it is crucial to investigate what caused your injury to occur. In other words, what caused the accident that you were a victim of? This investigation, which ideally occurs in the days immediately after you were injured, is vital if you are forced to go to trial to receive compensation for medical treatment, wage loss, and pain and impairment. The personal injury attorneys at Kroll & Johnson, P.C. are experienced litigators, and they will work aggressively to make sure that your rights under the law are protected and that ultimately you obtain the justice you deserve.

Compassionate representation in your time of need

We can never understand what you go through living each day with a serious injury, or what it takes to struggle to live a normal live while enduring extreme pain. But we want you to know that you are not alone, and that we are willing and able to assist you in regaining control, one day at a time. If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, please allow the attorneys at Kroll & Johnson, P.C. to assist you in your struggle to regain normalcy in your life.

We are here in your time of need. We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the advocacy and quality representation that you deserve.

  • We will take your case to trial if a fair settlement offer is not made.
  • We will make sure that your reasonable and necessary medical expenses are paid for.
  • We will ensure that any wage loss you are entitled to is paid.
  • We will fight so that you receive compensation for the pain and suffering you endured as a result of being injury.

You do not need to settle for anything other than full and fair compensation.  Let us handle the legal challenges while you focus on yourself, your family, and getting better.

Don’t worry about your finances, because we don’t get paid unless we recover for you.
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