One of the most traumatic experiences a person can endure is having something dangerous implanted inside their body.  In the past decade or so, several companies – Stryker, Biomet, Zimmer, Wright and DePuy, have recalled or had severe issues with their replacement hips.

The Stryker replacement hips are the Rejuvenatetm and ABG IItm implants.  The DePuy implants are ASRtm hip replacements.  Zimmer produced the Durom® hip implant.  Wright manufactured the Profemur®Z implant.  Biomet was responsible for the Prozyr® Zirconia Head.  All of these models result in some form of metal-on-metal contact with the hip implant.  This contact can release fragments of metal into a patient’s body and bloodstream, causing a whole host of medical problems, including:

  • Necrosis (tissue death)
  • Osteolysis (bone damage)
  • Substantial and sometimes excruciating pain
  • Metallosis (a build-up of metallic “slough” in the body, also known as metal poisoning)

While tissue and bone damage, as well as pain, have obvious impacts, the effects of long-term exposure to metallosis are not fully known by the medical community.  Medical experts suspect that metallosis will have negative effects on the nervous system and other organs.  Cardiac and cognitive impairment are also suspected symptoms of metallosis.

As a result of this damage, a patient’s chances of success in subsequent hip replacement surgeries is markedly decreased.

Who is at risk for hip replacement issues in Oregon?

The Stryker Rejuvenatetm implant received FDA approval in 2008, and the ABG IItm implant was approved in 2009.  Both were recalled in July 2012.  The Stryker products were touted as “custom-made” and a large number of patients received these implants.

The DePuy ASRtm joints were first used in 2005, and the recall did not occur until August, 2010.  Evidence suggests that DePuy was aware of these problems long before the recall, but did nothing, allowing their defective products to be inserted into many innocent victims.

Zimmer’s Durom® implants were released in 2006, and the company suspended sales in July 2008.  Approximately 12,000 patients received a Zimmer implant.

Wright’s Profemur®Z began distribution in 2005.  Despite an astounding 11% failure rate after 3 years, Wright continues to manufacture and sell this product.

The Prozyr® Zirconia Head from Biomet is one of the shortest-lived implants on the market, lasting from January, 1998 to September, 1999.

What should you do if you have a Stryker, Wright, Biomet, Zimmer or DePuy hip implant?

The first and most important thing is to see your doctor immediately.  Only a medical professional can determine the exact make and model of implant in your body.  If you do have the hip implant, you must seriously consider replacement surgery.  Be aware that due to the nature of the injuries suffered by patients with these hip implants, the odds of successful replacement surgery can be reduced, and your pain level and recovery time can be substantially increased.

Oregon lawyers focusing on metal-on-metal hip replacement litigation

At Kroll & Johnson, P.C., we understand how devastating and traumatic an event like this can be.  We are ready to help you through this process.  You should know the following things:

  • Do not accept money from Stryker, Biomet, DePuy, Zimmer or Wright directly.  These companies know they have done you wrong, and they know they are liable for your injuries.  They will try to pay you the minimum amount possible in order to escape this liability.  It can be tempting to settle, because these minimum amounts represent immediate money in your pocket.  But this minimum payment does not compensate you for all possibly related medical expenses, nor does it compensate you for your physical and mental pain and suffering.
  • You are entitled to compensation not just for your medical bills.  You are also entitled to damages for your pain and suffering, both mental and physical.  This can include past, current, and future damages.
  • Beware of Broadspire or other companies who claim to be working with the hip manufacturers.  Broadspire and other similar companies have been hired by the manufacturers to “manage” the replacement claims.  Their only goal is to save money by denying you your rightful compensation.

An Oregon hip replacement lawyer at Kroll & Johnson, P.C. will fight with Stryker, Wright, Zimmer, Biomet and DePuy to get you the compensation you deserve.  The medical companies want to pay you as little as they can.  What brings them to the negotiating table and what gets them to fairly settle these cases is the fear of a large jury verdict against them.  At Kroll & Johnson, P.C., we are not afraid to go to trial in order to protect your rights.  We are trial lawyers, and we will do what must be done on your behalf.

The initial consultation is free, and we do not collect a cent unless you win your case.  Call us today.