“They were awesome advocates for me. When the insurance company tried to stonewall and badger me I turned to them and they got me a policy limits settlement on my bodily injury claim. Thanks again”

S.H.Portland, Oregon

“These guys helped me find the results that I was looking for by filing a complaint and litigating my claim.”

J.F.Portland, Oregon

“I worked with Justin in fighting the insurance of the at-fault party in a recent vehicle accident in order to recover both diminished value and loss of use claims. He did an incredibly thorough job with litigation and stayed in touch during the process. He was able to win both my recovery as well as his attorney fees and court costs directly from the insurance company, allowing me to keep the full award. I could not be happier with his service, and would gladly recommend him to anyone seeking representation in similar cases.”


“Justin & Ed were of great assistance in fighting my insurance company over a diminished value claim. They litigated the case for me and recovered their  attorney fees and costs directly from the insurance company, which allowed me to keep the full award!”

C.R.Portland, Oregon

“Thanks for achieving my goal and for your excellent service closing out my claim.”

J.S.Portland, Oregon

“Justin Johnson and Kroll & Johnson did an outstanding job handling my personal injury claim. When the insurance company tried to compensate me with a minimum settlement, Justin stepped in and forced them to offer me the maximum amount allowed under the policy. Justin was able to get me far more than the insurance company wanted to give!”


Very effective attorney

The team at Kroll & Johnson were very efficient and effective with the handling of my personal injury claim. Whenever I had a question, they were always able to answer it the same day. I felt like I always had a great advocate on my side! Thanks Justin!


Great aggressive attorney.

Justin always had time to talk with me and answer my questions. He allowed me to focus on getting better and he took care of everything else. He also got me a great settlement for my injury in a timely manner. I always felt in the loop while Justin represented me. He did a great job.


True to his word.

Justin Johnson and Edward Kroll met with me and reviewed my personal injury case. They answered all my questions and laid out what they thought would happen. I decided to retain them, and everything they said was true. My claim settled for an amount that I was very satisfied with. They did a great job and I was very pleased with the firm.


An amazing advocate!

Kroll & Johnson represented me in a personal injury case. It was a horrible injury that dramatically affected my life. He thoroughly understood the issues involved with my injury and the impact on my work and life. He was masterful at developing my case and moving it as quickly as possible towards completion. I received an out of court settlement that I was very pleased with.


One of the best!!!

Justin Johnson did an outstanding job representing me in a claim I had against an insurance company. He battled the insurance company, even filing suit against them, so that I could get a reasonable amount of compensation for what I had to go through. Justin was great!


Extremely Pleased!!!

I was extremely satisfied with Justin Johnson’s representation. From the very beginning to very end, he was honest, sincere and very responsive to any questions that I had. He was also very aggressive in holding the insurance company responsible for my injuries! I would highly recommend Justin Johnson to anyone seeking quality legal representation for their bodily injury claim!


Justin Johnson did an outstanding job holding the insurance company responsible for my injuries. I could not recommend him more highly! Justin really took the time to listen to my questions and concerns and address them. He also made it clear that he supported my decision, whether I wanted to litigate my claim or accept the settlement offer that he was able to obtain for me. If you are looking for a personal injury attorney in Portland who is a tenacious advocate, look no further than Justin!


The BEST and ONLY Choice for Me

Justin is an extremely talented and knowledgeable attorney. When I felt like my legal rights were being infringed, I went to Justin and he did an excellent job assisting me.”


Hired Attorney
I highly recommend Kroll & Johnson

My foot was injured in a car crash and it required surgery. To make matters worse, my insurance company refused to pay the medical bills, so I had to hire a personal injury attorney. Justin & Ed got the insurance companies to pay all my bills and he got me a nice settlement for my injuries. If you are hurt in a car accident, go and talk with them. They will help you out.
5.0 stars


The best lawyer in town

I was ejected from a vehicle during a crash caused by a drunk driver. The car rolled over me, and I suffered numerous injuries including a brain injury. Once I was released from the hospital, I sought out an experienced personal injury attorney and found Justin Johnson with Kroll & Johnson. I have nothing but good things to say about him. He got me not one, but two settlement from separate insurance companies. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again.

5.0 stars