If a distracted driver injures you, the auto accident attorneys at Kroll & Johnson can help. We will aggressively advocate for your rights, and if necessary we will file suit against the distracted driver and any other potentially liable corporations, companies, or individuals. Do not let a distracted driver’s recklessness ruin your health and your finances – we can and will hold them accountable to the full extent of the law.

Cellphones are the culprit, but unsafe drivers are the problem

Auto accidents caused by a driver’s intentional unsafe use of a cell phone are made magnitudes worse by the fact that it all could have been avoided. By using their cell phone while driving, the distracted driver made a choice to endanger others. This is why using a cell phone’s communication apps and driving in Portland is against the law.

More than ever before, car accidents are being caused by distracted drivers. The most common distraction is what you would think—a cell phone. Texting is the primary culprit, but increasingly more often drivers are also distracted by surfing the web, checking Facebook, or even taking a photo or “selfie.” In fact, according to the official U.S. government’s distracted driving website, Distraction.gov, in 2013 more 424,000 people in the United States were injured due to a distracted driver. Distracted driving is literally an epidemic that is making our highways and roads unsafe.

A recent Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study found that when a driver makes the decision to text, they are three times more likely to cause an auto accident. Add this to the already increased relative risk of a teenage driver causing an accident and it is a scary statistic indeed given how many new drivers take to the roads of Portland each year.

Other causes of distracted driving

Auto accidents are also caused by other distractions in the vehicle besides cellphones. The attorneys at Kroll & Johnson have seen distracted driving auto accidents caused by:

  • Changing the heating/cooling
  • Wiping the inside of the windshield
  • Applying makeup
  • Shaving
  • Picking something up from the floor
  • Eating and Drinking
  • Smoking
  • Pets in the vehicle
  • Using navigation systems
  • Watching videos
  • Talking with passengers

Hold distracted drivers accountable for the harm they cause

The best way to hold a distracted driver accountable is to consult with an experienced car accident attorney so that your legal rights can begin to be protected. If the distracted driver was on their phone when they caused the crash, we can find out. It is only by initiating a prompt investigation into the car accident that many distracted driving claims become legally actionable. Otherwise it is your word against the distracted driver’s. The insurance company certainly is not going to admit that their driver was distracted when the crash occurred.

The car accident attorneys at Kroll & Johnson stand ready to assist you in your claim against a distracted driver. We offer free consultations, so there is really no reason not to call and get a free evaluation of your bodily injury claim by one of our attorneys.